Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Muraling has begun!

Most of my friends and people in this area already know, but I have been selected to complete a mural in downtown Charleston, WV. As I stated in the proposal for my design, creating a permanent piece of art in the neighborhood where I grew up doodling on construction paper is an amazing honor. I've been planing and designing for months now; you wouldn't believe how much work goes into something like this before you ever even touch a paint brush to a wall.

So today the actual physical work finally began! Luckily I have people who know what they're doing to help me do things like build scaffolding and pressure wash the wall. Take for example Kyle, seen working hard in the photo above. Even though the final design has already been revealed in a local newspaper article, I think I'm going to post the progress online rather than revealing the digital version right away.

We're close to hitting record temerature highs here in town so we have one incredibly hot work day down and several more to go. I really still can't believe I was chosen for this and that I'm going to be able to leave such a huge artistc mark on my home town. Stay tuned for more progress!


Amber said...

This is awesome! I bet you'll have so much fun :)

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What an honor, having something that a lot of people is going to watch is awesome.