Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will Jack

Shew! I had a nice little chunk of time where I wasn't insanely busy but it seems I've been launched back into the thick of it. Lots of work to be done and some really amazing things on the horizon.

Anyway, on to this piece! As regular visitors may know I do pretty frequent illustration work for Front Magazine. The guy I worked with the most to complete all of these assignments was Will Jack, who left Front a few months ago. Will's co-workers said that I was his favorite illustrator (an amazing compliment I'm very thankful for) and asked me to do this piece for him as a going away present. I gladly accepted since Will really was a great guy to work with. He always stayed on top of things, was easy to communicate with, and made sure I understood what each piece required. I'm sure he's busy at a new job by now, so I wish him luck on whatever that is!

The funniest part about this drawing was that they told me Will has a trademark pose he uses in every photo: he stares wistfully up and to the side. Sure enough, he was doing that in every single reference photo they sent me.

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