Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Modo De Vida

The good people at Gallery 1988 mailed me a copy of this issue of Modo De Vida, which featured my Mario's Closet illustration.

As you can imagine I'm not overly familiar with publications based in Puerto Rico, so I'll quote this from the magazine's Facebook page:

"Modo de Vida is about the good life, good taste and the seeking of a higher standard of Living. Exceptional Homes, featured throughout our pages. Fine dining, Travel, Fashion, Jewelry, Automobiles and the world of art."

Hear that? Buying my art means a higher standard of living! The magazine seems to be written in Portuguese which I'm having trouble translating via translation websites, but I can tell that they gave me credit and spelled my name correctly, which is more than I can say for my US based water company that sends my bill to "Glen Brogen."


Anonymous said...

Sweet! Well done. That is a cool illustration- very funny.

Kim Williamson said...

Need more Small and Mediums at SplitReason! :-) Kim